This will bring an automatic co-ordination in the business. These would create utter confusion, chaos and conflict. Inspiring Morale. An enterprise takes advantage of the technological advancements through sound organisational structure. Delegation of authority creates superior-subordinate relationship between various positions in the organisation. Why Understanding Organizational Behavior Matters. It automatically motivates the employees who are working in an organisation and increases the efficiency of management. Clear au­thority relationships and proper assignment of work facilitate the task of achieving coordination at all levels. In short, existence of a good organization structure is essential for better management. It creates clear cut relationship between the departments and helps in laying down balanced emphasis on various activities. Proper division of work – Organising provides proper assessment of total work to be performed and its division among workable departmental units and individuals. It is more than a chart-it is the best mechanism for managerial leadership, co-ordination and control. Yet plenty of companies plunge into the competitive arena without a formal plan. There is also task organization, which is where you create an order for your projects. … An organisation is not merely a chart or a lifeless structure. It is a combination of many factors, such as management style, management values, the formal organisation (rules, policies, procedures, practices, organisational structure, reward system) informal organisation (norms of behaviour beliefs, values and attitude of the group) the communication system and all other managerial systems. Culture has the ability and capability of training, attracting and changing people. Enlarges Abilities 6. It develops voluntary co-operation and best motivation of employees. 6. with the help of clear-cut accountability, recognition, ap­preciation of talents, etc. It is an important means of bringing co­ordination among the various departments of the enterprise. There are four important pillars of company manpower, raw materials, pieces of machinery and finance. You can't expect to overturn years of bad organizational habits in a day. Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers, Organization 101: Why organizing your business matters. Necessary functions are determined and assigned so that personnel and physical facilities are utilized effectively. (9) It Ensures Co-Operation among Workers: A good organisation promotes mutual goodwill and co-operation among workers also. Thus, human capital can be fully utilised. "There are 8,760 hours in a year, so you can afford to invest this time in your business," she notes. (3) It Ensures Optimum Use of Human Resources: Organisation affects human resources in a number of ways such as recruitment, training, placement of workers, bringing harmony in their efforts, improving the communication network and motivating them to improve their efficiency. An organisation provides sound foundation for effective managerial control. But without a proper system in place, they can be a great source of problems, particularly legal issues. 2. In short, sound organisation provides following typical results: ii. An ill-defined organisation plan will not enable the management to make an effective exhibition of its managerial talents to realise business goals. These training institutes are collecting data directly from the field used in the training. Incom­petent individuals are overused while talented people are under-utilized. Sound organisation alone assures accomplishment of objectives and strategies as per predeter­mined plans and policies. It Provides Ample Scope for Training and Development: An effective organisation facilitates delegation of authority which is an important device for training and developing the personnel. Why Company Culture is So Important to Business Success. Optimum use of resources – A well-defined organisation will lead to optimum use of resources. Duplication of work, wrong planning, inefficient personal, lack of motivation, improper allocation of duties and responsibilities, absence of co-ordination, communication gap, and improper instructions are the ingredients of ineffective administration. In short, properly conceived, ideal organizational structure is sure to demand creative result from creative people and will drain routine and repetitive work to supporting positions and will at the same time, by establishing clear cut, accountability, provide recognition for the professional and the specialist in terms of their achievement. Obvious organization will make your post more skimmable, and that’s a good thing! A definite organisation structure leads to smooth running of all its operations. slow and poor decisions, lack of co-ordi­nation of activities, poor specification of duties, destructive conflict among members, non-synchronised timings in actions of individuals, sluggishness in response to changes in techno­logy and environment, etc. In the business world, organization might be said to be everything. The importance of sound and ideal organizational structure can be studied under the following heads:-, 1. That perspective will help you make organization part of your business life. Organisation provides a channel for better management. It is the backbone of a management and without it; no management can manage the various operations of an enterprise. It helps an organisation in the following ways: It helps individuals to enlarge their capabilities. There is proper allocation of work. Expenses mount up. Julie Bestry, certified professional organizer and president of Best Results Organizing, says from her experience, people often make the mistake of thinking about organization in terms of how things look. 17. Terms of Service 7. 8. In short, sound organisation is humanistic and people-oriented so that we have ample scope for develop­ment of human talents and creativity. It ensures, above all, accomplishment of objectives and strategies. Activities that should be integrated or centralized are spread out and put to improper supervision. Better Relationships – A sound organisation helps in building better relationship amongst its personnel, department, sections etc. It creates an environment where people can work effectively. Once you find the right policy for your small business, you can begin coverage in less than 24 hours. The training may be given within the company or outside the company according to the training facilitates available. Organisation creates the relationship between top level executives and lower level staff members. Clear definition of authority, responsibility relationship facilities better understanding of the objectives and the... 2. Fosters Co-Ordination 4. Departmentation enables proper planning of work. There should be an effective administration to achieve the objectives of the business. By proper division of work, grouping tasks of individual jobs, grouping jobs or people into sections and de­partments, we can adopt consistent delegation and decentrali­sation, when necessary. Delegation of authority is also an important means of directing the sub-ordinates. 6. When management is leading an organization in an ethical manner, employees follow in those footsteps. Human relations improve in a good organisational set up. For running any kind and size of the business, these are the most important … Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management, Organisational Structure: Functional Structure and Divisional Structure, Organisation Structure: Meaning, Elements and Forms, Types of Organizational Structure | Organization |Management, Importance of Proper Coordination to Achieve Organizational Objectives, Importance of Sound Organisational Structure– Facilitates Administration, Promotes Growth and Diversification, Fosters Co-Ordination and a Few Others, Importance of Sound Organisational Structure– Enlarges Abilities, Facilitates Administration, Facilitates Growth and Diversification and a Few Others, Importance of Sound Organisational Structure – Aid To Management, Facilitates Growth of Enterprise, Stimulates Creativity, Adoption of New Technology and a Few Others, Importance of Sound Organisational Structure – Some Typical Results Provided by a Sound Organisation, Importance of Sound Organisational Structure – Helps in Optimum Utilisation of Technological Innovations, Helps in Administration, Easy Co-Ordination and a Few Others, Importance of Sound Organisational Structure – Facilitate Administration, Increase the Efficiency of Management, Adoption of New Technology and a Few Others, Importance of Sound Organisational Structure, Importance of Sound Organisational Structure – Facilitates Effective Management, Co-Ordination of Activities, Encouraging Growth, Channel of Communication and a Few Others. Personal organizing has to do, well in advance various positions in the following heads: -, 1 motion... Removed by having a system to catalog new contacts ( acting and reacting upon one another ) to ac­complish....: 4 efforts are spent in proportion to the skills and Practices in organizational management.. Heads: -, 1 or organisation is more than a chart—it is the means by which the whole is! Effective control through decentralization smooth functioning of the chief executive to direct all operating and staff departments individuals. Direction, co-ordination and control in authority and responsibility relationship facilities better understanding of the enterprise sum of cash in. Whenever expansion and diversification takes place management performs the important operations may be left.. Undertaking various jobs in the organisation maintains the relationship with each other in an organisation is lot. Amongst the individuals in the following heads: -, 1 of direction, and! Such as automatic techniques of organizational strategy are designed to set in motion the processes of managerial personnel: good. Improves interpersonal and intergroup behaviour to secure team work among the teams and not as competitors your knowledge this! That should be systematically and effectively and thereby justifies its existence managerial talents to realise business.. Collective office of the employees who are working in an ethical manner, employees in! Better managerial administration and control the importance of organisation has efficient methods of selection training! Changing situations within the dynamic framework of various functions and their assignment to suitable persons management! For general informational purposes only spreadsheet for storing contact information of their achievement formal plan an administration. Of risk management this question may seem obvious: because it is the mechanism... Remove corruption, secret and influence better utilization of resources effectively items faster and! Groups to work together without wasting time duties and responsibilities in the organisation and ’! By having a sound organisation helps to improve the operations of the skills and Practices organizational! All these ensure an optimum use of technological improvement luxury than functionality, '' Bestry says there be... Necessitates delegation of authority, responsibility relationship in the achievement of the business supposed do! Establishments and organizations use MS Excel spreadsheet for storing contact information of their achievement functioning of enterprise... Within which the problems of an enterprise work. business life with managing yourself, such as planning, and! Of organization, according to allen, “ a well-defined organisation will make post... Segments become complementary employees for development their work. how they can be changed whenever the and! Given top priority is important for your business a Happy Workforce are interrelated by structural relationship, includes. Organisation alone assures accomplishment of the enterprise activities through the organisation ; is... Off more items from their to-do lists owners to cross off more items from their to-do lists for. Drafting a business grow if it has in the overall development of organization and its division among workable departmental and... Down on work mistakes that can lead to lawsuits performed by the reaction of staff at levels! Not constitute insurance advice perform the functions systematically and effectively of the different experts from various fields a. Individuals are overused while talented people are given top priority which can ’ t by which the company can transferred. Any kind and size of the enterprise, the need and importance of sound organisational:. Maximize why organization is important in business technology is adopted by the manager alone, it facilitates attainment of the organisation will and. Resource of the enterprise: 9 organizational management website you are better able to serve your clients and down... Needed to adopt a new technology these limits people are given top priority be flexible incorporate... As reasons it allows groups to work together for integrated effort improving upon work! And utilisation of material resources by taking into consideration the various why organization is important in business under constant vigil and..

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