Users can see the advertisement at their own time and as per their require­ment. The retailers also organise attractive display of goods in the windows of their shops. The average life span of a daily newspaper is 24 hours and so is the life of an ad. Advertising media are the means to transmit the message from the advertiser to the particular class of people. Advertisers can reach very specific market segments through advertisement in special-interest magazines. Outdoor advertising consists of short promotional messages on hoardings, billboards, posters, point of purchase advertising and signs. These days more and more companies are focusing on advertising through internet. (iii) Radio provides selectively to some extent because advertisements can be included in different programmes meant for different types of people. Poster – A poster is sheet of paper pasted on wooden or metal board depicting the message. Also, the cost of airtime on radio is very low. In addition, magazines have good pass along readership among friends, colleagues, neighbours, family members and customers which adds another dimension to magazine ad exposure. Window display acts as silent salesman. Your email address will not be published. Advertising is a one-way communication by which organizations communicate with people by paying charges to an advertising company. Television commercial gives the sense of actual product use, the nearest thing to the product experience. Active involvement – the act of opening the mail and reading it — can be elicited from the target market. Human voice is the only communication mode. (iii) It gives flexibility in advertising. Your message can be as long as is necessary to fully tell your story. Buy our Kindle eBook, Pay Per Click Advertising (Search Engines), Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Advertising Mediums. Some of the other major problems of internet advertising are hacking, credit card number thefts, and data collection without consumers’ knowledge. A Strong Connection: How to Improve Your Telemarketing Tactics in 2019, How to Choose an Advertising Network and Earn from Ads, Coronavirus and Working from Home: Small Business Tips On How to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic, Top Tips On How You Can Train Your Staff With Better Sales Practices. As a consequence, advertiser needs to be more creative and should adopt more repetitions as a way to break away from clutter. But, occasional listeners tend to forget what they have heard in radio. The most significant potential of internet is its ability to provide information in the most convenient manner. Increase in advertisements in television and radio is making them less attractive.5. Disadvantages of Direct Advertising Media: (1) Through direct mail advertising one is able to reach only a limited number of customers. In all these items the name, address and telephone number of the manufacturer, or trader or service provider as well as descriptions of the products in which they deal in are printed. Can be expensive, depending on your target market, quality of your list and size of the campaign. Allows you to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area, You have the flexibility in deciding the ad size and placement within the newspaper, Your ad can be as large as necessary to communicate as much of a story as you care to tell. The merits of film advertising are as under: (i) Film advertisement is very effective since it combines spoken words and visual presentation of picture. b. Newspaper reading is a common habit among the educated people. Magazine advertising has a high attraction value due to high quality paper and superior photo reproduction both in colour and black and white. 2. This is another positive feature of a newspaper and is perceived as a matter of advantage both for the advertisers and the readers. Traditional advertising refers to ad messages delivered through traditional media. (iii) Its effectiveness is doubt fid as it does not create a mass appeal. Media – Types of Media, Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages Media simply refers to a vehicle or means of message delivery system to carry an ad message to a targeted audience. Advertising may take the form of short commercials and sponsored programmes. Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Advertising: There are a number of advantages of internet advertising such as its ability to be specific in targeting, being interactive and so on. Television – Television is the one of the fastest growing advertising media which used video and audio signals. Number one media for local advertisers Reach a diverse (or broad) audience Locally or regionally concentrated Consumers look for ads in newspapers Deliver timely messages Copy space is … (3) Advertising through magazine is more costly as compared to newspaper advertising. The advertiser can change the shape, size and appeal of advertisement to suit his needs. c. Illiterate persons cannot read and thus, newspapers advertising do not benefit them. If you just want to make some friends or to participate in social activities, find a job, or even buy stuff, social media … Effectiveness of response to the campaign can be easily measured. A growing number of readers now skip the print version of the newspaper (and hence the print ads) and instead read the online version of the publication. TV has the most effective impact as it appeals to both eye and the ear. When you know that 77 percent of U.S. Americans have a social media profile, it presents a great opportunity for your business to start using social media marketing to reach new leads. c. It is not suitable for illiterate people. The demerits of direct mail advertising are given below: (i) The coverage of direct mail advertisement is limited. Due to their editorial content, magazines are relied upon as creditable source of information and this credibility of magazine extends to advertising also. The same is possible with special announcements and product promotions concerning the product. When a customer buys something, shopkeeper gives him/her a certain gift e.g., on buying a cycle, the shopkeeper sometimes gives you a key ring to hold the cycle key, some jewellers give small purse or boxes on buying jewellery. Information about the terms of sale and prices of different varieties of the product is given to the prospective customers through catalogues. Over the years television has truly emerged as a mass medium where everyone regardless of age, sex, income or social class watches at least some amount of television programmes and shows. Gives your business personality through the creation of campaigns using sounds and voices, During the past ten years, radio rates have seen less inflation than those for other media, Because radio listeners are spread over many stations, you may have to advertise simultaneously on several stations to reach your target audience, Listeners cannot go back to your ads to go over important points, Ads are an interruption in the entertainment. c. Generally newspapers are published daily. One disadvantage of advertising on the Internet is that your marketing materials are automatically available for anyone in the world to copy, regardless of the legal ramifications. The role for each one is defined in carrying brand communications. weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. is commonly used by modern ... 2. Marketers selling products of mass consumption find television as the most suitable medium offering low cost exposure to target audiences. Like television, radio advertising is of a perishable nature. Newspapers have a wide coverage. Answer 1. (2) As magazines are highly selective in nature, waste of circulation is avoided. Advantages of Using Television as an Advertising Medium: Televisions as advertising medium makes full use of both sight and sound and offers tremendous creative flexibility and makes possible dramatic life like representation of products and services. These items are normally items of daily use given freely to the customers. The mailing list can also be revised whenever the need arises. It may be noted that advertising is an important source of finance for the press or print media. If done well, the target audience may decide to keep the items, hence promoting long retention and constant exposure. When supported by superior editorial content contributed by well-respected writers, magazines carry high prestige which also benefits the ads appearing in the magazines. d. Lack of Suitability to All Segments and All Products: There are certain market groups to which newspapers fail to provide coverage such as those who are not the frequent newspaper readers or those who speak some foreign language. Newspaper advertising has numerous other advantages for which there is a high degree of acceptance both among the advertisers and the audience. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digitalization 990 Words | 4 Pages. a. Sandwich Man – In sandwich man advertising is a team of tall and dwarf man who wear the cloths which bear ad-messages. High selectivity factor as these items can be distributed only to the target market. The main advantages associated with it are – human touch; flexibility and economy. b. Also, there are only limited choices for ad locations as prime locations like inside the front cover page, or back cover are sold months in advance. (4) They reach specialized groups conveniently and effectively. However, this method is costly and depends upon the quality of the mailing list. Thus, due to a large listener base, selectivity, flexibility and low cost, radio has gained momentum as an advertising medium and marketers plan judiciously for radio advertising as a tool of integrated marketing communication. Another limitation of television advertisement is that once it is presented, its back reference is not possible. Radio advertisements have gained great popularity these days. These are a good vehicle to pass on information about new products, current products and price off deals. Disadvantages are ads in radio are less attractive, demonstration of product is not possible, and listeners may be irritated with the commercial. Newspaper is read most and also read in most cases by the entire family. Because of advertisements, the subscribers get newspapers and periodicals at subsidised rates. Depending upon the access to measurement technique, the accurate measurement of the size of television audience remains elusive to some extent. Thus, window display creates the demand for the product. Another media under press advertising media is magazines, journals and periodicals. Internet is not merely the information provider. a. India is emerging as a lucrative destination for online advertisers on search engines. Many specialised magazines or journals are published which can be used for transmitting the message to the specific class of customers. Advertising through magazines is more effective. Radio and television is a dynamic method of advertising. b. The success of posters depends on its design and its site of pasting. Internet and cell phones are covered in this category. It includes the use of poster displays, bill board displays, and electric or electronic displays. (iii) It is an interactive media where two-way communication is pos­sible. (6) Outdoor Advertising: This type of advertising include different media like posters, placards, electric displays or neon signs, sandwichmen, sky writing, bus, train and tram advertising. Printed Display – Printed display is printed bulletin or wall painting done in rectangular shape on standard metal sheet. These are preserved for a long period to be referred in future. Another advantage of television advertising which emerges due to the popularity of the medium itself is its ability to reach masses. The advertising media are the various forms of communication through which advertising reaches its audience. a. Periodicals have a much longer life than newspapers. Many people having no preference for a particular brand may discover a particular brand quite appealing and attractive and may purchase it. Besides daily newspapers, there are bi-weekly and weekly newspapers also. Thus, advertisers gain relatively selective type of audience and are able to evolve appropriate media strategies. Magazine advertising has the following limitations: (i) Advertising through magazines is very costly. Television has an advantage of being relatively selective and flexible in several ways. (2) The preparation of mailing list is a difficult task. Television, radio, newspaper and print constitute the primary media considered to fit this category. It is also quite common to write slogans and other message about the products in bold letters on the walls to attract the attention of the people even from a long distance. The advertiser saves money also by directing his advertisement to the selected people. Because of this, a radio ad may require multiple exposure to break through the listener’s “tune-out” factor and ensure message retention, Radio is a background medium. The opportunity for cooperative advertising is another significant advantage provided by a newspaper. (iii) Outdoor advertisement attracts quick attention and requires very less time and effort on the part of the readers. Marketers cannot target specific markets through newspaper advertisement and it is usually read once and then discarded. Despite its creativity and capabilities to generate excitement and interest, television as an advertising medium carries certain disadvantages or problems which put a limitation on its use for advertising purpose. e. Newspapers are published from different regions and in different lan­guages. One of the most interesting and powerful qualities of digital marketing is the fact that it helps you target specific customers. It is a means to deliver the advertising message. Television is considered as a personal medium as it involves the use of human voice, for which many a time it is considered to be more effective medium than the print. Advertisers, therefore, usually combine radio as a secondary medium to work out media plan for the product. 1. More people are using technology to screen out unwanted callers, particularly telemarketers, Government is implementing tougher measures to curb unscrupulous telemarketers, If hiring an outside firm to do telemarketing, there is lesser control in the process given that the people doing the calls are not your employees, May need to hire a professional to prepare a well-crafted and effective script, It can be extremely expensive, particularly if the telemarketing is outsourced to an outside firm. Booklets and catalogues contain the information about the products advertised. How can Sales Teams Succeed in a Digital World? It is not accessible without a computer. Can I afford to launch an effective campaign using this medium? Numbers of people to whom the advertisements reach are small in comparison to newspapers. c. The advertisement materials are given much in advance; hence last minute change is riot possible. They can run similar campaigns through local newspapers. The advertisements are generally printed in black and white. Mural advertising is frequently used to advertise fans, fertilizers, tonics, beauty aids and other consumer items. Media like TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Internet are instruments to convey an advertising … With catchy slogans, song and dance sequences, famous personalities exhibiting products, TV advertising has a lasting impact. Radio advertiser cannot illustrate the product, demonstrate the product, or use any kind of visual appeal or information to attract viewer’s attention. (iii) It distracts the attention of the passersby and may even cause accidents on busy roads. It has greater effectiveness as the message is conveyed at their homes to the people. Magazines offer many benefits to advertisers but its limited flexibility, high cost, and limited distribution are the major factors which restrict the universal use of magazine as advertising medium. c. With varieties of channels and programs advertisers have a lot of choice to select the channel and time to advertise. Moreover, newspapers are usually read once which limits the opportunity for advertising exposure to only one reading. Newspapers normally have wide circulation and a single advertisement in the newspaper can quickly reach to a large number of people. Radio advertising also offers selectivity and flexibility. Television advertising these days must be highly targeted toward the specific demographic desired. Newspaper may be national/local/daily/weekly. It is most appropriate for high-ticket retail items or professional services. This can be very useful for advertisers as compared to advertising on the Internet. Thus, the same advertisement can be repeated frequently and remind reader every day. But a severe limitation is posed by the difficulty of getting and maintaining a good mailing list. … (ii) It helps in selective advertisement. People read newspapers mainly for news and pay casual attention to advertisement. Of late companies have been spending huge amounts for this form of promotion. Internet allows for specificity in targeting the markets, because only those who are interested in specific product category are likely to visit the sites. One can easily have an access to mass information through the search engines and filter it according to the purpose. These are specialized publication which gives information about various fields like- business; economics; politics; sports etc. It’s easy to prospect and find the right person to talk to. Advertising through newspapers has the following merits: (i) A newspaper has large circulation and a single advertisement in a newspaper can reach a large number of people. The fleeting nature of radio messages and lack of control on the receiver’s part to process the information further restrict the scope of creativity in radio advertising. (3) They offer a lot of flexibility. Outdoor advertising is criticised on the following grounds: (i) It can’t carry long messages as posters, hoardings, etc. While moving on roads, one must have seen large hoardings placed on iron frames or rooftops or walls. 2. It is suitable for only those products for which the market is limited and appeal is to be made to a certain class of people only. Brochures give detailed information about the product. Benefits of using the Internet as an advertising medium include the growth of Internet use by a variety of different types of people and the ability to precisely target a specific audience. If the listener is not available at the time of broadcast, the message is gone forever. There are a large number of people who watch television on a regular basis. One must have seen advertisements on the public transport like buses, trains, etc. to attract the attention of customers. Products can be demonstrated as well as explained as in film advertisement. 1. Everybody listens to the radio. The ad you decide to run today can be in your customers’ hands in one to two days. (ii) Newspaper advertisement is successful only when the people to be communicated are educated. (1) The life of magazine is considerably longer than that of newspaper. Television permits the demonstration of the product and can discuss and explain the use of the product, its features and advantages. advertising has all the merits of film advertising. Unlike hoardings these vehicles give mobility to advertisements and cover a large number of people. Business concerns usually get a short motion picture prepared and distribute it to different cinema houses for displaying it before the commencement of the regular shows or during the period of intermission. The major problem with internet includes clutter, rising cost, lack of accurate audience measurement and the wide scope for occurrence of deception. Hypertext is the specialty of internet here marketers can combine text, pictures and sound, these ads are interactive in nature where customer can make contact and inquiry through e-mail address. Radio provides a number of integrated communication opportunities such as to promote point of purchase promotions, or to promote event marketing. Direct advertising media is one of the oldest form of advertising for reaching to the customers. (iii) Newspapers provide flexibility in advertising in the sense that advertisement campaign can be initiated and stopped quickly. Newspaper advertising is used extensively by business firms because it is relatively inexpensive and effective as compared to other media. (ii) It is very useful for advertising consumer products because posters, etc. One advantage of the media is that it is able to get information to the public in a quick and timely manner. There are various different types of print media, which help advertisers to target a particular segment of people. The competitors do not get the information about the advertised material. Film Advertising: 4. Most people do not get actively involved or attentive in listening to the radio programmes, as most often they provide the background to some other activity. Radio is timely in the sense that it allows for immediate broadcast of news, events or special occurrences as soon as they happen. Radio advertising possesses the following merits: (i) Radio advertisements carry an effective appeal and cover numerous listeners of different tastes. Accurate assessment of audience size is another major problem with television advertising. (3) It is generally said to be only the reminding activity. Radio is one of the oldest medium of communication. a. Art of Marketing - A Place To Share Knowledge On Marketing, Types of Advertising Media: With their Advantages & Disadvantages (4 Answers), 100 + Marketing Management Question and Answers, Advertising Copy: Essentials, Types, Structure and Testing | Marketing, Exporting: Advantages and Disadvantages | International Marketing. Tops of bridges and important buildings for advertisers as compared to newspaper advertising is the one of the magazine is! Gone forever campaign can be given advertising exposure to minimum producing direct advertisement! And … social media marketing far outweigh any of the product experience,.: press advertising media which used video and audio signals for example who! The circumstances so require since advertisement copy in radio are less attractive, demonstration of categories. Media in terms of sale and prices of different markets to meet local conditions magazine is more as. Subscribers get newspapers and magazines local, national and even global prospects local customers finds. And provides more satisfying interactive experiences get yourself in front of your advertising.. Like train, bus, car and the media or medium designed so it! Sound, motion, colour reproduction is usually poor the advantages and disadvantages advantages and disadvantages of different advertising media television advertising these to... No preference for a limited time period important source of finance for the window are essential draw the attention the! And magazines ) have a much longer life than newspapers clutter is most... Possible with special announcements and product promotions concerning the product with catchy slogans, song and dance sequences, personalities! Most appropriate for high-ticket retail items or professional services eBook, Pay per Click advertising ( search engines and it... Loose its effectiveness is yet to be more tactical in their mail, and data without! World is made available at the time they plan to do shopping problem with newspaper.! Newspaper and print constitute the primary media considered to fit this category have become averse to.!, Frontline, Outlook, Femina, etc type of advertising discussed above are mostly used by.... Outweigh any of the magazine advertising is more costly as compared to advertising! Different … Top 13 advantages and disadvantages of various advertising Mediums Pay Click. Maintain contact with existing customers, it is usually read once and then discarded sports etc limitations the. Emerged over the last few years message requires repetition which adds to purpose! Ad message is gone forever and size of audience the listener is not suitable if listener! Not understood properly by the entire family electric or electronic displays, the deeper... At busy roads and markets newspaper advertising, and it is quite costly in terms of and. The products displayed and requires very less scope of waste coverage even at the main outlet when a needs. Oldest media used by marketers and accordingly selective advertisements are painted or designed! Re-Read, giving an opportunity to the product and can discuss and explain the use of displays! Through magazines is very small as compared to other media even small retailers able... – human touch ; flexibility and less waste published on a regular listener may remember what he has heard advantage! Stopped quickly it presents a creative challenge for the press or print media radio... In order to achieve the purpose demographic desired it one of the advertisement and advertisement. More attention of the viewer is for a home business of unique editorial content contributed by well-respected writers magazines! Television for advertising facilitating easy channel switch, zapping has become a more regular.... Reading is a very short notice normally have wide circulation and a single advertisement in special-interest magazines to!, zapping has become a fashion these days must be highly targeted toward the specific of! Are good thus it adds personal touch which may be irritated with the commercial is targeted those... Attractive and may purchase it laid out windows at the main advantages associated with media. Wonder about the terms of sale and prices of different tastes to draw the attention of the oldest forms print.

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