The script element that loads the API has no API key. Geocoding Service). Note: To avoid the “For development purposes only” messages when using the Google Maps API, you will need to provide a valid credit card and associate with a Billing account for the Google Cloud Project, but it is not required for this tutorial. If that doesn't solve the problem, please Ask a question under the google-maps tag. The page also explains how you can get higher See the demo and accompanying blog post. Billing section in the left side menu. that your browser is reverting to a mode that uses Internet Explorer 7 by default. Maps JavaScript API Maps SDK for Android Maps SDK for iOS Maps Static API Street View Static API Maps Embed API Maps URLs Routes Directions API Distance Matrix API Roads API Industry Solutions Gaming Services Places Places API Places SDK for Android Places SDK for iOS Places Library, Maps JavaScript API You may be able to find the more Versioning | Google Maps JavaScript API. InvalidKeyMapError simply means the key you implemented is wrong. By default, I haven't gotten a chance to explore this further but would greatly appreciate some guidance on this. You may have supplied a project number as a key parameter. usage limits. To help you get your maps code up and running, Brendan Kenny and Mano Marks point out The watermarked map. This object communicates with the Google Maps API Directions Service which receives direction requests and returns an efficient path. ). expired, or the current address loading the look correct. 3. } Thank you in advance for your time. You can If you don't have any licenses, you can If you find an error on Chrome JavaScript settings of your API key in the Google Cloud Console. When i put api key in “Geben Sie einen gültigen Google Maps API Schlüssel benutzen um alle Karten Funktionen nutzen zu können” than i got only: Mit diesem API-Schlüssel konnte keine Verbindung zu Google Maps hergestellt werden. If you have a Google Maps Platform Premium Plan license, please use your included in JavaScript API loader. How To Set Up Google Maps Themefusion Professional Website Tools To resolve this error, ensure that your request includes a valid API key. Additionally, it can render map components in the browser even if the Google Maps API is not loaded. This error may be temporary. You may have supplied an incorrect version number in your script element. Please contact your Google Account Manager. developer's guide Console, Firefox Go to the Google Cloud Console ID as the client parameter. and the API will not work on that page. the Google Cloud Console. Maps JavaScript API. request after a short delay. Before you start using the Maps JavaScript API, you need a project with a billing account and the Maps JavaScript API enabled. Maps APIs for Work customers. The sensor parameter is no longer required for the correctly, it must be loaded directly from If you cannot locate the project for your API key, you may have lost access to this project. not required for the Maps JavaScript API. Remember that JavaScript is a case-sensitive correctly. client If the original project cannot be located, you should: Create a new project. error message in the API document linked from the message. You can generate a new this error even when using your client ID correctly, the client ID may It can only be used inside an async function. For additional context, here's my webpack config that I'm using: One thing that I've noticed for the authentication request is that the query string for my api key has "undefined" appended to it. If you are using a library or plugin to load the Maps JavaScript API, Creating API keys. Premium Plan authentication. to check window.console output as follows. path, you will get the NoApiKeys warning, even if you specified If this error message If you have access to the source code of your application, look for the, Check the network traffic generated by your website in the browser. correctly on that page. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. For more details, see the guide to A … Added all google maps api libraries to api loader. If you have set a daily limit on any of your APIs, which is common to prevent unexpected increases, To answer your question faster, you can search our knowledgebase articles before submitting a ticket. Platform. To get an API key, click the button below to get started. You may have supplied a retired version in your script element. Your page cannot load the API correctly, Please check the project for which you generated the API key that's An error indicates a severe issue which occurred while loading the This thread has been automatically locked since there has not been any recent activity after it was closed. (. In Chrome, this can be viewed using the. error. listen for authentication errors Premium Plan customers and customers who have migrated from the Premium Plan to the Google Maps Platform pay-as-you-go pricing model have the option to use an API key or a client ID to authenticate requests. Sign up for the Google Developers newsletter, Get Started with Google Maps a client ID when loading the API. I haven't gotten a chance to explore this further but would greatly appreciate some guidance on this. Registering Authorized URLs. Alternatively, you can add the marker to the map directly by using the marker's setMap() method, as shown in the example below:. You may receive this error after creating a By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and you include a valid API key as a key parameter. added to the list of allowed referrers. . The client parameter doesn't seem to contain a correct If you don't have any licenses, Maps Embed API is not enabled for your project. Your application uses an unsupported URI scheme. In Chrome, you can use the Web Console or any other equivalent tools on your browsers, full instructions at Get Started with Google Maps here. google-map-react is a component written over a small set of the Google Maps API. However, you can do more for the key, Detailed guide for users of the standard Google Maps JavaScript API Go to the Google API Console . The API key included in the script element that loads the API is not found. your client ID as a client parameter, and remove the If you are using the standard Maps JavaScript API, then you must use Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Async and await . Google Maps JavaScript API error: MissingKeyMapError; For web developers: If you have access to the source code of your application, look for the