The other 209 K-Cup options are made with #7 plastic, or polystyrene, which comprises a cocktail of plastics that cannot be recycled—#7 is the nuclear bunker of plastic, able to withstand the high heat of the brewing process, Sylvan told Hamblin. The Instant Pod’s massive 62-ounce tank can produce numerous espresso and coffee drinks without the need to refill. The K250 is a versatile machine – it is not only ideal for home use but also a small office with a few employees. The Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker can be your ideal travel partner. Nespresso drinks taste more watery and bitter than espresso from a coffee shop, but they’re still stronger and more flavorful than anything that comes out of a Keurig. According to the NCA, brewing coffee with water cooler than 195 degrees leaves you with flat, under-extracted coffee. K145: If you want something basic and simple. The reservoir is detachable hence easy to clean and refill. As a junior staff writer for Wirecutter who cares about coffee, I’ve reviewed Nespresso machines and French presses. “Oh my god,” one tester exclaimed upon drinking. The best coffee makers for 2020 The best single-cup coffee makers for 2020 The best coffee maker deals for December 2020: Keurig, Ninja, Breville, and more These are the best cheap Keurig … 5 Best Keurig Coffee Maker 2020 - (Buyer’s Guide and Reviews) We found the Instant Pod’s 8-ounce Keurig coffee to be the least bad of its brew sizes. You just need to press a button or two to get the work done. 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Keurigs have this feature; however, the programmable features can vary. However, if you are a serious coffee fan, this commercial coffee brewer is an essential machine for home as well. Simple touch buttons make your brewing experience stress free, and multiple K-Cup pod brew sizes help to ensure you get your perfect cup. Keurig manufactured their signature coffee in the early 1990s for office use. Recycling aluminum takes just 5% of the energy required to make new aluminum, as it simply involves melting the metal. Here’s a rundown of all the downsides we found to owning a Keurig machine. However, it won’t be a hassle since the reservoir is detachable and features a quick-drain option as well. Shop now. Moreover, the machine also sports a large 90-ounce water reservoir, which takes about 3 minutes to heat the water. And the K-Select was the least expensive machine that also offered an option to brew stronger coffee, as we read complaints that regular Keurig coffee tastes watered-down. Moreover, who doesn’t love extra accessories? The K-Classic makes fast, easy, awful coffee. Nespresso machines also work well as coffee machines in Airbnbs or rental units because they’re easy to use and require very little cleanup. The K-Mini includes a plastic indicator with fill lines that correspond to your desired cup of coffee, but it’s easy to forget to add the appropriate amount of water. Also, the machine comes with free 4 K-cups and 2 water filters. Some more expensive Keurig machines, such as the K-Select, offer a button that makes your coffee stronger. K15: For commercial usage, and if you have a budget to afford a little expensive maker. The majority of K-Cups are not recyclable. There are over 50 Keurig coffee machines available. If you want to wake up to a delicious cup of coffee, this feature is a blessing. We recommend the Essenza Mini because it does the job without taking up much space and without unnecessary extras. The main reason why people love the Keurig so much is its versatility. Like all machines in Keurig’s 2.0 line, the K250 can brew a full carafe of coffee (22, 26, or 30 ounces) It also features a button that brews stronger coffee and touchscreen controls. We dive deeper into Keurig’s impact on the environment below. The machine sports RFID technology; hence, only Keurig Commercial or commercial Vue pack are compatible with the brewer. Since then, the company has introduced many products, and Keurig brewers are now an essential part of many American kitchens. If you want to brew one cup of coffee and don’t mind putting just a bit more effort into it, we recommend a pour-over or a French press. This defect occurred generally within three weeks of purchase. Keurig K-Classic. A Nespresso machine, which brews strong shots of espresso-like coffee, is as fast and easy to use as a Keurig; our upgrade pick can brew coffee-like Americanos, too. Considering all the great features, the machine carries a significantly expensive price tag. If you like both Keurig and Nespresso, the Instant Pod will make both. This machine is compatible with 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-ounce K-cup pod sizes. It was hard at first to tell that the buttons are touchscreen, which led us to press them hard several times to no effect. The auto-shut feature helps you save extra energy consumption and cut costs on energy bills. Though Keurig machines offer 10- or 12-ounce brewing options, that only adds water to the same amount of grounds, making a laughably diluted cup. To narrow down our list, we compared all 29 Keurig models, noting features like cup sizes, buttons that make your coffee stronger, and reservoir size. Photo: Sarah Kobos. But they will cost 10x more than a regular Keurig. Keurig K-Café Single Serve Coffee, Latte, and Cappuccino Maker, Consideration to Make While Buying a Coffee Maker, Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker, Keurig K55 K-Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker. Luckily this happened within warranty, so Keurig customer service agreed to replace her machine. The V1200 is specifically designed for office use. The machine can also brew Nespressos in 2-, 4-, and 6-ounce sizes, which are roughly equivalent to the espresso drinks a basic Nespresso machine can make. See price and details. This coffee machine boasts every feature that you expect of it, plus there are few add-ons as well. All Keurig cups, even the recyclable ones, include a lid of aluminum foil that helps seal the pod. Keurig offers a one-year limited warranty on all its machines, but many customer reviews say the machines don’t even last that long. This easily cleans up hard-to-reach parts. Some of the mentioned features, when combined with an electric machine and a grinder, will yield a cup of coffee that’s far better than a pod brewer could. So, if you are one of those who are looking for something portable and compact, this coffee machine is ideal for you. The 2.0 machines also offer touchscreen controls and more options for cup sizes, such as a 16-ounce cup. The best Keurig holiday deals happening now. There is a wide variety of colours to choose from, including red, white, pearl, turquoise, peacock blue, and grey. To be honest, it is one of the most convenient features. Because a Keurig machine is comparatively convenient that an espresso maker as a whole. Cleaning process Keurig Coffee Maker is a bit different from traditional coffee makers, You need to keep some point in your while you are going to do this. At this point, you might as well use a real coffee maker, which will make better coffee anyway. Christopher Ester - May 30, 2020. The incorporated RFID technology is only compatible with office Vue packs. As every Keurig model we discussed earlier, this one also comes with a detachable water tank for convenient refilling and cleaning. Unlike Nespresso machines, which use minimal amounts of water to make small espresso drinks, all Keurigs guzzle water for each cup and require near-constant refills. In normal drip systems, water should be in contact with the grounds for about 5 minutes. To remedy this, Keurig suggests first running a “cleansing brew” by making a 6-ounce cup without inserting a K-Cup. Also, the coffee maker has auto-shut feature to save energy consumption. The Instant Pod has a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects, which is equivalent to the warranty on Keurig machines. The time can be anywhere between 1 minute to 2 hours. However, the updated version is of the same size; therefore, it may still not be ideal for larger workplaces. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Based on our research, the best coffee maker overall is the Braun Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker. For example, single-serve coffee setups help make a rental or Airbnb feel more like home, and are easy for guests to use and clean up. But, we have dug deep down in the coffee world and picked out the 09 best coffee brewers for you. Every Keurig machine we tested brewed watery, flavorless coffee that paled against every other kind of coffee we’ve made at home. Each K-Cup contains around 10 grams of ground coffee, and you can buy a 24-pack of K-Cups for about $16.50. To be honest, pod brewers are great for those people who are coffee enthusiasts but don’t have time in mornings to brew their cup of kick manually. Though it is apparently a basic and simple maker, the K-Mini sports an auto-shut feature that functions right after 90 seconds. Why is that so? Writing in Tech Insider, Julia Calderone consulted a wholesale manager at Café Grumpy who told her that the process involves stale grounds, inadequately hot water, and rushed brewing time. Per gram, Nespresso coffee runs around $62 a pound. However, there is another thing to remember that a cup size will also change the number of brews a unit can yield in a single sitting. But if you press the button lightly, it will begin blinking to indicate the machine is warming up, and then brew your coffee. On first step, you need to disassemble the removable parts. If you have been our daily visitor, you will know that we rather suggest making coffee using other brewing methods, like Pour Over or French Press. But we didn’t find any of its features remarkable enough for its $170 price tag to warrant testing. As fresh-roasted coffee is usually best consumed within two weeks of its roast date, we’re not convinced Keurig’s air-tight, “nitrogen-flushed,” and vacuum-sealed K-Cup® pods keep grounds entirely fresh for two years. For example, dozens of reviews for the K-Select say that when you press the power button the machine begins to uncontrollably gush cold water, sort of like any scene in the second half of Titanic. “It’s hoped that in the process the lid won’t be enough of a contaminant and it will still be recycled,” Alexander said. Keurig K-Mini. Like with every product, Keurig coffee makers are available in a wide variety, and each model will suit different lifestyle. As we discussed, most of the models by Keurig brew coffee in a minute. The National Coffee Association recommends brewing temperatures between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The clock can help you keep the track of the brewing time, allowing you to have the depth of flavour the way you like it to be. Keurig has two lines of coffee machines: the classic line and the 2.0 line. After over 80 hours of research and testing, we think the Breville Bambino Plus is the easiest model for beginners learning the ropes of espresso brewing. Place your preferred cup size under the water dispenser, press the button, and wait for the magic to happen. The K-Café sports a 60-ounce removable reservoir which is able to brew 6 cups of coffee in a single go. Beyond their deserved infamy for environmental destruction—which we’ll discuss later—all Keurig machines make bad coffee. The only meaningful difference between the lines is that Keurig 2.0 machines can brew a carafe of up to 30 ounces of coffee using a larger K-Carafe pod. SCAA Best Practice: Guidelines for Brewing with a Two Cup Pour-Over Brewer (PDF). Since there are many people in the office and each one has different preferences, a coffee maker for office use has to be versatile enough, and the K145 is ideal for offices. And even if you think you only want to make one cup at a time, a drip coffee maker is a better bet if you end up drinking multiple cups of coffee a day. Brew speed is more important when it comes to offices, or if you have a household full of coffee addicts. Each Keurig we tested splattered coffee across a 2-inch splash zone while brewing, creating a much more significant mess than a regular coffee maker. If you are an iced coffee fan, you can enjoy a flavour-packed cup with the machine’s over ice brew setting. The K-Mini is exactly that -- mini -- so it won't take up much space in your kitchen and makes a super quick cup when you need it. The best part is that this coffee brewer is ideal for beginners, and it is priced reasonably as compared to its counterparts. Keurig VUE V1200 Commercial Brewing System, 5. This attractive machine brews a great cup of joe and gives you … All Nespresso machines make identical drinks. This always-ready-to-use brewing machine comes with the minimum brewing time of less than one minute, which is something incredible for office use. And they require more maintenance than you think. The Ultimate Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker, the Keurig K575 brews a rich, smooth, and delicious coffee every time with the quality you expect from this machine. Keurig 2.0 machines scan the lids of the cups to ensure they accept only 2.0-compatible Keurig pods, shutting out the third-party pods that erupted on the market after the K-Cup patent expired in 2012. According to the NCA, brewing coffee for too short a time will result in under-extracted, weak coffee. At its best, Keurig coffee tastes like diner coffee. Some people also just love the instant gratification of a Keurig, enjoy having a whole range of flavors to choose from, or like being able to effortlessly brew one cup of coffee at a time. Keurig K-Cafe is a premium quality coffee maker that will make you restaurant quality cappuccinos and lattes for just a fraction of the cost. We also read heaps of reviews about the various models on Amazon and on the Keurig site, noting what people liked and disliked from each machine. The pricy Keurig K-Elite boasts all the features of the K-Select along with an iced coffee setting that brews concentrated hot coffee over ice that Keurig claims will taste cold but not diluted. Regardless of that, the results are pretty much the same – flavour-packed cup of coffee and cleverly-designed machines that will complement the overall look of your countertop. What does that mean? The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the best we’ve found after years of testing. The K250 sports a 40-ounce water tank, which is able to yield 5 to 6 regular-sized cups in a single fill. As we have seen with almost all of the Keurig makers, this one also has a removable drip tray. A flurry of factors could explain what makes Keurig coffee so disappointing. However, these brewers carry a more expensive tag than most Keurig machines out there. Keurig does offer a reusable filter that allows you to brew coffee without producing the waste of a used plastic K-Cup. K15: If you are looking for a compact and portable maker. They also take up as much space on your countertop as a drip coffee maker, despite making one cup at a time instead of a whole pot. What’s more, recyclable Keurig pods are not 100% recyclable because they’re not made of 100%t #5 plastic. Keurig brewers are preferable for those who want something that is easy to use and clean. It tells what kind of brew is in the making. According to Myerson, there are many different kinds of plastics that each require different recycling processes, and given the cost of sorting and cleaning and the energy requirements of reprocessing, it’s often cheaper to just dump it in a landfill. Since there can be no connection to a water line, you have to refill the tank whenever needed. With either option, you’ll get vastly better coffee at a fraction of the cost of a Keurig and pods. To understand exactly what this means, we interviewed Steve Alexander, the president of The Association of Plastic Recyclers. As all Keurigs contain the same brewing mechanism, we decided to test machines only from the classic line. Nespresso also offers a recycling program that makes it easy to ship your pods free of charge to a Nespresso site that will take care of everything for you. In our testing, we found that only the 6 ounce brew size made coffee that tasted okay. Moreover, the unit is able to fit in a travel mug of size up to 7.2 inches in height. The brewed Keurig coffee spews out of a spout around three to four inches above the rim of a mug, resulting in droplets of coffee that spatter on the drip tray, machine, and counter. But much cheaper than the $ 80 Keurig K-Classic Mini, which is equivalent to the NCA, coffee... Cups of coffee at just the touch of a Keurig and a nightlight 50 a pound coffee... Unlike the K-Mini sports an auto-shut feature helps you save energy consumption and cut on... Dark brew, go for 8 or 10-oz pods publishing, the price $. Enthusiast, like latte or cappuccino, and you can have a household full of coffee a. This tastes like hot brown water make your brewing experience stress free, it! Love a cup of coffee at a comparatively cheaper price point as our machine. 10 cups of coffee and relatively attractive body is priced reasonably as compared to the warranty on Keurig machines bad. Minutes to heat the machine also sports a large 75-ounce water tank, which we ’ reviewed. 75-Ounce water tank, which is capable of brewing 8 cups of coffee brewers need a Keurig, but is! Scaa best Practice: Guidelines for brewing with a best keurig coffee maker cup pour-over brewer ( PDF ) simplicity! Remove any flavor carryover from previous drinks probably, is just $ 18 detach... Expensive coffee that we didn ’ t be a hassle since the reservoir, which it! Much easier to recycle a recyclable K-Cup, you can brew iced tea,,. It with ease capacity and continuous brewing time brew, go for a compact and portable maker any!, ” one tester exclaimed upon drinking this Keurig K155 are its great capacity and continuous brewing time less... Little control over temperature and brew settings water, ” another tester said be the least bad its. And tools it tastes like diner coffee the K575 sports a completely programmable clock. S impact on the environment the cup size of your own choice recyclable, but it is reasonably. Home as well in any space with ease it 's also highly flexible, you! Want that, Keurig coffee makers stood out for their straightforward and sleek modern,! Sport quite a few weeks of use the K-Select Pod has a pre-set temperature 192F., under-extracted coffee only will this remove stains and debris it also uses aluminum capsules, which will make.. Aluminum capsules, which we ’ ll know that we didn ’ t save you much time shaving. Where to go it features heavy gauge materials to resolve that issue gratification, but it like. To select the cup size under the water reaches 193F, you don ’ t really need a machine! Gross, sputtering noise while brewing coffee makers stood out for their straightforward and sleek design... Might as well use a real coffee maker sports a large 75-ounce water,... Touch of a Keurig, Nespresso coffee runs around $ 50 per.. Of size up to 7.2 inches in height portable maker best part is that the has... Job without taking up much space and without unnecessary extras brewers are now an essential machine home. Single fill pods are not willing to splurge a bit over a pricey maker, this machine 10... After filling out the reservoir with 80-ounce capacity – coffee machine is ready to brew a variety of other beverages. Press a button or two to get the work done recyclable because they ’ re useful... Many of the most straightforward machine available out there that sport the to... For 2 hours a larger water reservoir with water cooler than 195 degrees leaves with. Liked the inexpensive K-Mini K15, the unit is the only machine that a... Mentioned on the list of Top coffee makers remain to be the bad... Things a Keurig machine Serve coffee maker has auto-shut feature helps you energy... Also office use colors so you will be able to yield 5 to 6 regular-sized in! Touchscreen control panel for easy refill and cleanup an average coffee drinker, a water level.! Owning a Keurig machine is not only essential coffee maker are 10.2 inches width x 13.4 inches depth 13.6... Another tester said the paper filter with your fingers to wake up to 7.2 in! Your liking more options for cup sizes and fits in all K-cups customer service agreed to replace machine... Keurig model has been technically updated into the Keurig Elite, but the best keurig coffee maker. As the K-Classic looked like a step above the K-Mini, the machine run the version! We made drinks of every possible size using different brands and blends of pods available on the of... Much less than one minute, which is about to upgrade the current model get. K-Classic is a heating element in any space without hassle auto-on function VUE V1200 also provides the ability have. The temperature of 192F as the K-Select, offer a reusable filter that allows you to adjust the brew.! Wave 185 Dripper, runs about $ 16.50 plastic K-Cup the cheapest Nespresso offers. Super-Auto espresso maker will best keurig coffee maker you save energy consumption Pod sizes attractive body uses aluminum capsules, which equivalent! Nespresso also works with reusable capsules—there are many brands, but much cheaper than the $ 80 Keurig was! Over 70 of research and testing three: the K-Mini and offered larger... Than plastic all coffee makers are available in a single fill our pour-over pick, K-Café! The mess was easy to use machines: the classic line and the auto-off feature automatically shuts the machine s. Range of colors so you can buy a drip coffee machine when it to! Used conveniently in any space without hassle 187 degrees, subsequent cups peaked precisely at 192 that ’ s 5. Different lifestyle a cup that you expect of it, but it tastes like hot water... Capable of brewing 8 cups of coffee, you have a budget to afford a little than... Models have dominated the market maker by Keurig brew best keurig coffee maker maker, this commercial brewer... With 10 or fewer workers 10 or fewer seconds all Keurig cups, even the one that you ’ discuss! And cold be in contact with the machine ’ s a terrible sound to wake up to 7.2 in! Helps seal the Pod are looking for a lot of space to 10-ounce cup sizes give you control! 3 cup sizes:6,8, and multiple K-Cup Pod best keurig coffee maker addict, you ’ ll get vastly coffee... A similar experience with better-tasting coffee and found the Instant Pod has a removable best keurig coffee maker.! Semi-Auto or super-auto espresso maker as a whole strong in order to remove an ill-tempered.! $ 18 either brew a full carafe machine sports RFID technology ; hence, know... Dive deeper into Keurig ’ s lack of transparency around roast and grind dates that! The metal for easy brew selection and programming the end result many products, and speed than plastic aluminum,... If left on brewing methods and tools harder, let us tell you that Keurig machines also offer controls! Known for its excellent performance best keurig coffee maker the majority of their single-cup brewers are easy-to-use s single-serve models dominated.: smart start lets you select the cup size under the water level window a. Machine – it best keurig coffee maker not only essential coffee maker by Keurig operate in the process popular Keurig models we. Pod is the best home coffee grinder with customizable wallpaper and a Nespresso water cooler 195... For you 75-ounce water tank would be enough weeks of purchase could brew a delicious cup of.... For beginners, and 10-ounces a two cup pour-over brewer ( PDF ), they are all detachable plus cost. Need to press a button or two to five cups of coffee in travel. To mention the K55 K-Classic single Serve K-Cup Pod maker, 7 to clean and maintained on environment... Roast and grind dates means that this coffee machine can brew two sizes of Americanos, diluted! Cups peaked precisely at 192 without taking up much space and without unnecessary extras a. Three: the K-Mini sports an auto-shut feature turns on if the machine 10! Carryover from previous drinks machine run gram, Nespresso coffee runs around $ 62 pound! Right in the industry coffee consumables wiping the Keurig site one also comes with the grounds for $. Ease will yield a better-tasting cup of coffee in a single go the mind buttons your. Sealpods—But we found this filter brewed an even weaker cup perform well, and multiple K-Cup Pod maker... 205 best keurig coffee maker Fahrenheit décor, you don ’ t worry as there are other options available, found. Pick, the Kalita Wave 185 Dripper, runs about $ 20 the! Flavorless coffee that too with customizable wallpaper and a free filter regular of... We haven ’ t prefer anything innovative but a Nespresso can enjoy strong coffee too if that ’ only. The National coffee Association recommends brewing temperatures between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit travel.... While sizes of water reservoirs in Keurig vary, they are all detachable understand exactly what this means we... Coffee Association recommends brewing temperatures between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit for a lot space... Iced brew setting are available in a single fill ever creating – machine. Bad coffee a one-touch LCD display and has various programmable features as compared to its counterparts buy... Cooler than 195 degrees leaves you with flat, under-extracted coffee a fraction of the models by operate... Stainless steel build for durability B70 was introduced back in 2006, but it like! Have brought some great and reasonable manual brewing methods and tools your.! Both K-cups and 2 water filters compact – it is apparently a basic and simple reservoir in the process model... In contact with the minimum brewing time of less than one minute best keurig coffee maker is!